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Olivier Ligny - - 11/03/2008 - vue 6275 fois

Système d'onglets (tabs) en HTML+JavaScript

Voici deux systèmes gratuits pour afficher des onglets sur une page web.

WebFX Tab Pane : (Apache Software License 2.0)
The look and feel is entirely decided by CSS so it is fairly easy to create the look and feel you need for your web application. As of this writing there are three different styles available; Luna, Windows Classic and the WebFX look and feel that this pane is currently using.

DOMTab : (free for non-commercial use)
DOMtab is a JavaScript that turns a list of links connected to content sections into a tab interface. The script removes any "back to top" links in the section and automatically hides all but the first one when the page is loaded. You can use as many tabbed menus on the page as you want to.

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